On July 27, Buygore came in clutch once again with some fresh releases to cheer up our Monday blues. One of which, entitled “Mischief” by SPACE RACE and KTRL, is absolutely insane. It’s a future house track with a tough, dirty drop that leaves listeners craving more. While this song falls in line with other popular future house tracks today, it’s still unique enough to catch the attention of many.

What’s even more intriguing about this nasty track is the fact that it’s produced by two hidden talents: Space Race and KTRL. Have you heard of them? Me neither — till now. And I wouldn’t be surprised if “Mischief” seriously puts them on the map. With a total of 6,000 Facebook likes between the artists COMBINED, these guys are definitely fresh faces which so incredibly awesome. The future house game was beginning to get a little monotonous and I’m down for some new guys to shake things up with some more filthy drops.

Take a listen for yourself below and be sure to enjoy the free download.
— The DJ List
Hot Damnnnn.

Space Race collaborates with KTRL on their newest track Mischief. Combined with some serious synth and subtle mischievous giggles, this song makes for a very unique sound. The heavy-synth drops create a grungy vibe. Close your eyes and you may just be at an underground rave in 90’s.

Released on major record label, Buygore, these DJs are definitely on the rise. When things start to sound one in the same, every house head is looking for something new, and this duo has provided just that. Daring to be different, I can imagine that this duo, individually, or together, will make waves in the scene.

If you are not familiar, Kid Royale and Emperiax make up production/DJ duo Space Race, who are based in Brooklyn, NY and specialize in bass-y music. KTRL is also a duo based in Chicago and New Orleans made up of Adam Kishanov and Wesley Strain. The two pairs are good friends and plan to release another track together on August 13, stay tuned peeps!
— Only The Beat
Space Race has teamed up with fellow duo, KTRL., on their newest track, “Mischief.”

Released on Buygore Records, this House song incorporates some catchy melodies leading up to a very big and very synth-heavy drop that demonstrates both duo’s versatility and ear for production.

Both of these guys are on the rise and a release on a major record label is always a step in the right direction, so listen below and see what “Mischief” is all about.
— Techibeats
You can always count on Space Race for groovy wubz, and this tune in particular really delivers, showcasing why they are way ahead in the bass-house game.
— Demoda / NoisePorn
The Brooklyn-based DJ duo hit their sweet spot about a minute into this track when the bass sounds get good and weird.
— My Spilt Milk
Based out of Brooklyn, the duo Space Race has produced a brand new, bass-filled track that is surely going to turn some heads within the dance music community. The track is filled with Trap snares, drums, vocal samples, and a catchy “drippy” type of drop throughout. Further, the duo is using this track as their EDC LV 2015 Submission Track. Check out the track, which is available for a FREE DOWNLOAD and if you like what you hear support these guys!
— Techibeats
SPACE RACE hits us with their latest remix release, a banging take on Keith Ape’s, a Korean hiphop artist, hit song at the moment, “It G Ma”. It follows a pretty grooved up bassline that takes you deeper and deeper as the tune continues to progress. Has a pretty dope vibe that I wouldn’t mind getting lost in once in a a while.
— This Song Slaps
It was about time! What? It was about time to hear a huge dubstep monster! Mr. Welch & Space Race released ,,Titan ” and oh boy, they did such an amazing job! So much power is coming from this one, that our haircut is constantly changing from the bass vibes. Complex structured, clean and with huge bursts of energy. A short description about a massive track. Hit it PLAY and enjoy this free download gift!
— EDM Nations
Last year, we loved seeing Cy Kosis enter the EDC Chicago Discovery Project and end up getting some sets during EDC last year. While we’re still not on some soapbox “this crew needs to win ASAP,” we have to rep for Brooklyn’s Space Race. They’ve laced us with a number of cuts this year, and we think they do have a shot at mixing it with the “big dogs.” They are giving away their EDC Las Vegas 2014 Discovery Project mix, but know that more spins on SoundCloud doesn’t mean anything; the only plays that matter are their Mixcloud ones, which you can also find via the site. They included a number of their own originals and remixes, as well as material from NYMZ, Flosstradamus, Ookay, and many more. Super party vibes.
— Do Androids Dance
SPACE RACE is new to Trap and Bass, give them a warm welcome! These two producers, one from Russia and one from America have teamed up to show the Trap music world how it’s done! This track will grab your attention for its festival like features instantly with its big room atomosphere! “Zodiac” is one for the books, keep an eye on these producers!
— Trap and Bass
I swear there’s something about bass music producers that just makes big room sound good. There’s still a focus on the low end, there’s always a different kind of swing, and there’s generally an avoidance of fluff. Brooklyn’s Space Race are as solid with trap and twerk as they are with big room and electro, and this one is a really cool festival trap offering that swings from an incredible house tune and teases trap hats into the second drop. They keep offering us dope tunes to host, and don’e seem to be slowing down on their production at all. If you’re taking notes, remember that this kind of consistency is key to success. All you have to do is hit the “purchase” link here to like their Facebook, and snag yourselves a handful of goodies, including this fresh one.
— Do Androids Dance
It’s been a while since we Trapped out here at M+, but with tunes like this coming out it’s hard not to. Space Race and Lowend damn near put me in a Trap coma with this one. It’s got all the elements you’d expect to hear in a Trap banger. What’s unique about it, though, is where a lot of garbage trap relies on over-used sample packs, these guys sound like they crafted their sounds. Turn up for this one. Get in on this Trap Coma!
— Moomba Plus
Breach‘s “Jack” is one of those tunes that’s a remixer’s delight. The vocals are unique, and the fact that there was a producer-friendly package with stems and vocals circulating between musicians definitely didn’t hurt. And though we served up a list of more than a dozen flips of this anthemic tune last November, we have a new one from Brooklyn’s Space Race and Long Beach resident Cathode. Offering twerk vibes at 110BPM with those club bed squeaks, this is a fresh and refreshing flip on a tune that’s been reworked to death. It’s a top notch offering, and available for free download below:
— Do Androids Dance
Everything about this track is turned up, dope work on this track guys!
— Futuristic Trap

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